Ethiopia has the ability to wow you day after day. This is truly a world apart. Early November 2011, we arrive in Addis Ababa. We first head to the Omo valley and meet the local tribes. Hamar, Mursi, Karos, Surma, Bume, Galeb, Bodis... each of them more fascinating and more beautiful than the other. Whether it's wandering through traditional Konso villages, watching Hamer people performing a jumping of the bulls ceremony or admiring the Mursi's mind-blowing lip plates, our visit to the Omo Valley will stick with us for a lifetime.

We go then northwards to Lalibela. We get lost in its medieval and stone-carved world, along the fuzzy frontier between past and present, taking part in Christian ceremonies that have remained unchanged for hundreds of years. We finish our trip in Harar, in Ethiopia's remote territory. Harar, a walled, grey and ocher city, located in the grip of rugged mountains that seem to stifle the breath of life.