Stretched between the mountain ranges of the Greater and Lesser Caucasus, Georgia is at the crossroads of the geographic and cultural paths of the West, Central Asia, Russia and the Middle East. Surrounded by predominantly Muslim countries, located in the southeastern premises of Europe, Georgia is the second oldest Christian country after neighboring Armenia. Its aspirations, now turned to the West, are still tied to its Soviet past.

From its green valleys to its isolated century-old churches at the top of the mountains, Georgia takes its visitor by magic. The richness of its culture and its breathtaking landscapes make it an ideal destination for those who love history and nature. Not to mention the Georgians, proud and full of spirit, who give the final touch to this magnificent set. Today, Tbilisi is one of the most dynamic cities in Europe and Georgia the most visited country in the South Caucasus. Fortunately, it is still far from having revealed all its secrets.